DIY Roofing Tips

Repairing a roof is a hard job. Unless you are opting for a professional, doing it yourself can be hectic and sometimes can lead to frustrations also. But there are simple basic things which can help you in this regard.

Here are a few do it yourself roofing tips.

1.    Safety first: whatever you do, make sure that it is safe. While going to repair a roof, you wouldn’t want to get admitted to a hospital. Trying to repair a roof while it is raining or while the roof is covered with ice evidently a very bad idea. Just a slip and you can break your legs, hips or even severe injury may occur. You’ll be surprised to know how many people ignore such trivial things. Always remember safety first.

2.    Spray the roof to check for leaks. You can take a garden hose to spray water in the roof so that, leaks could be identified. Though, if it’s freezing outside, it’s better not to do it.

3.    Keep gutters clean. One of the most probable causes of leakage in the roof is due to water accumulation since the gutter is clogged. The accumulated water may in turn damage the roof further. That’s why you should keep an eye that, gutters shouldn’t be clogged. If you have a leakage in the roof, you should first clean the gutters to rule it out.

4.    Keep proper ventilation so that in winter, when ice is accumulated on the roof, it doesn’t damage the roof.

5.    Inspect the material: sometimes shingles may come faulty hence, without proper inspection before installation could lead to headaches later on. Even in the case of a leakage, do check the material around the leakage to rule out the cause due to faulty materials.

6.    Eliminate leakage: if it is becoming hard to identify the leakage, eliminate the area one by one. Even if you still haven’t identified the leak, still you will be on right track.